We're a full-service production company and creative agency based in Los Angeles that writes, produces, shoots and edits a smorgasbord of commercial, PSA, industrial, web and branded video content. 

Military and veterans is what we are, and telling military and veteran stories is what we do best. 

"It Matters" / U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs (People's Choice Telly Award)

"Courage to Me" / ExploreVA Summer Sports Clinic

"The Bank" / Easter Seals (Telly Award)

"Call & Response" VA Homeless Veteran PSA

"Success Stories" VA Homeless Veteran PSA

"Memory Lane: Micka" / VA Homeless Veteran PSA

"Morning Routine / Easter Seals

"These Hands" Veterans Crisis Line PSA (Telly Award)

Produced and directed by Blue Three Productions for the US Dept of Veterans Affairs.

"Memory Lane: Michael" / VA Homeless Veteran PSA

We also create non military/veteran content...

"Perfect Sunday in Venice" / Mosey.com

"#IWILL" / Under Armour (spec)

"Date Night" / Audi (spec)

 "One Shot - Total Fitness" / Trifecta Fit Sport